Frequently asked questions

I've never gone out dressed before. Is there someone who can help me dress?
Every t-girl has a first time out, and everyone is sympathetic to first-timers. Just ask - someone is bound to be helpful. A lot of first-timers have come as an admirer initially and dressed for their second visit. I'm afraid we are unable to supply clothes and wigs so you will have to bring your own. However, we can help with makeup (see below). 

Is there someone who can help me with makeup?
Yes.  Our makeup girl, Pearl (see photo below), will be in the changing room from 12.00pm until around 5.00pm. She can do your makeup for you - she has a huge range of materials - for a fee of only £25. Release your inner girl... We promise you'll look fabulous! Email Pearl to make a booking at:  or ask for her when you arrive in the changing room.

Can I go out and return later the same day?
Yes - as many times as you like.

Is there parking nearby?
Parking is by meter on nearby streets until 6.30 pm. After 6.30 it's free.

Is photography allowed?
Photography and filming is NOT ALLOWED downstairs. Sweet Wednesday is very careful with guests' privacy.

Is there someplace secure to leave valuables?
Yes. Our cloakroom is safe and secure and NEVER left unattended. Clothing, coats, bags and valuables can be left there for a fee of £1. 
Sadly opportunistic thieves sometimes target open handbags. Small items (phone, keys, cards, money) can be left in the cloakroom in one of our small zippy bags so that you can access them quickly when you need them. Please ask about this service.

Are drugs allowed?

When using the ground floor public bar and the roof terrace, T-girls and guys MUST wear clothing appropriate to a public place as these areas are shared with the general public. 

I'm nervous...
Don't be! Sweet Wednesday is friendly, relaxed and welcoming to all. The only thing we ask is that you be the same – please leave all attitude outside our door.


But don't just take my word for what Sweet Wednesday is like. The account below (reproduced with permission) was emailed to us a few years ago by Laura, soon after her first visit:

"Decadence, acceptance and great fun perfectly describes Sweet Wednesday. It's uninhibited, nicely secluded and has a lovely daring feeling of a secret world hidden deep beneath the streets of London.

If you've never ventured out before, you might find the idea of going to a London club quite intimidating. Will I pass? Will everyone look at me and judge me? Will I get laughed at? Will I get jumped on by randy admirers as soon as I step through the door? What if I make a terrible faux pas? When you're convinced that you're the only tranny in London, those fears are very real.

Well, a couple of years ago, I was the only tranny in London, living and dressing in a hotel room, with just the occasional venturing out (badly) dressed when it was nice and dark, and there was no-one about. We all know how lonely it can be, whether we're in an hotel or the seclusion of our own home.

I eventually decided, for the sake of my own sanity, that I had to find somewhere to go, if only to prove that in fact I wasn't the only tranny in London. A quick Google found plenty to do, but I had one little problem - most of the events advertised were at the weekend, and I had to leave for home on Thursday afternoon. The exception was Sweet Wednesday. 

I won't pretend I wasn't shit-scared when I ventured into Central Station for the first time. Would an icy silence fall as soon as I walked into the changing room? It took a bit of effort to walk up the stairs. I opened the door at the top, walked behind the screen and... nothing.

Well, not quite nothing. A casual 'hi' from a couple of girls who were getting changed and that was it. I got changed, went downstairs and entered a whole new world. Haunting evocative music echoed down from the ceiling, perfectly complementing the soft ethereal lighting. A crowd of girls and admirers were standing round talking and laughing.

It was busy, but the atmosphere was incredible: sleazy, sexy, decadent, all those things - and also very, very welcoming. It had a lovely, peaceful air to it, in spite of the noise and chatter. Complete strangers came up to say hello. The laid-back unthreatening atmosphere and the friendliness of everyone I spoke to instantly banished all the scary thoughts I'd had. I knew within ten minutes of tottering through the door in my heels that I'd found the right place for me. The relief of finding that there were others like me, and to be instantly accepted by them, was a wonderful and liberating feeling.

I really can't emphasise this enough - Sweet Wednesday is very welcoming indeed for first-timers. There's no judgement of what you look like, there's little if any one-upmanship and there's no pressure at all to have sex. If you don't want it, everyone will respect that.

You can come and go as you please. As well as the club itself, there's the pub and the roof terrace. The terrace is a lovely sheltered spot on a sunny evening, and there's a real fire in the pub. Sweet Wednesday is followed by a cabaret, which is free and well worth staying for.

I've made some good friends over the years I've been going to Sweet Wednesday, and unless you're an incurable hermit, there's every chance that you will too.

See you there!

Love, Laura."